Tuesday, June 13, 2006


hello again.

thank you all so very much for the kind emails.

they have made my day just a little easier to get by

they brought me smiles and tears.

good tears.

from the bottom of my heart.

nick and i thank you.

its been very hard for us. we try each day just to get through.

its been hard for me lately. don't know why but it seems like its starting to sink in.

seeming to sink in deeper and deeper each day.

i was just going through all the boxes i have of her stuff.

our memmories of her

i tried to keep everything of hers as i could but than after 4 cars  full.

i knew that i couldn't take it all with me

she was my hero and best freind.

that one person i could talk to about anything anytime.

i miss her voice and her hugs the most.

sometimes i just want to give up but she would never let me crumble.

i hope i can come out even half as good as the women she was.

i live each day for her.


i love you mom

and will talk to you tonight in my dreams.



i am going to try to keep this journal and add to it. for her.

but im not all too sure how.

haha. she always wanted me to have one// go one it with her.

but it seemed outdated for me. boy was i wrong.

help. would be nice=]

thank you again.